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Elite Camp

Open registration – 03.01.2024

Deadline – 06.1.2024

Dates – 06.18.2024 to 07.18.2024


Elite camp provides high-level racing and opportunities for both rowers and coxswains. This camp aims to raise the bar on technical skills and fitness levels.  Miami Rowing Club will conduct the Elite racing camp from June 18 through July 18. All rower athletes are invited to apply for Elite Camp, a rigorous four-week program that will wrap up with highly competitive racing at the Summer Nationals regatta.

  • March 01, 2024: Registration Open with the $500 deposit payment*.
  • June 12, 2024. The $500 deposit is refundable until June 12, 2023; after this date is not refundable.
  • MAY 30: Accepted applicants to the Camp will be notified.
  • June 14 -July 14, 2024- CAMP
  • June 14: Orientation.
  • June 15 – July 10: Preparation for Summer Event.
  • July 10: Load Trailer to the Summer Fest.
  • July 12: Rigs boats, practice day.


  • U23 – athletes born in 2002-2005 – we know there are few opportunities for these athletes, and this Camp helps fill the void. Perfect for someone looking to get ready for college rowing or someone who has had several years of college rowing taken away.
  • U19
  • U17
  • U16

For More info, please go to 2024 USRowing Summer National Championships – Preliminary Entry Packet (PDF) – USRowing

Elite Camp – The Miami Rowing Club

  • Sweep rowers and scullers.
  • Experienced coxswains, male and female, whose application is accompanied by a resume and references.

important information


  • Open: Any competitor may enter an open event. There will be no status-changing events at the 2024 US Rowing Summer National Championships.
  • U23: A Competitor may compete in the U23 category until December 31 of the year of their 22nd.
  • Youth: A Youth is a competitor who, in the current calendar year, does not attain the age of 19 or who, in the current calendar year, does not attain the age of 20 and has been continuously enrolled in a secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma. A Competitor thus ceases to be a Youth after December 31 of the year of their 18th birthday (U19) or upon completion of the 12th grade of secondary school, having been a full-time student within the year of them.
  • 19th birthday (U20). Athletes older than U20 are never eligible to compete as Youth.
  • note that this definition is under review due to a submitted rule change.
  • U17: A competitor may compete in the U17 category until December 31 of their 16th birthday.
  • U16: A Competitor may compete in the U16 category until December 31 of the year of them 15th birthday.
  • U15: A Competitor may compete in the U15 category until December 31 of the year of them 14th birthday.
  • Mixed: A Mixed crew is a crew that contains both male and female rowers


  • Register Online and pay the $500 deposit by the deadline of 06.01.2024.
  • Meet the minimum erg time standards. (We are open to any rower interested in growing and can compete at this level).
  • Commit to attending the Camp from June 16 to July 16
  • Agree to travel to Club Nationals.
  • Invited rowers will be notified by May 30, 2024.


  • Tuition: $2700.00 per rower.
  • Before starting the Camp on June 15, all rowers should have the total tuition paid.


  • Boat transportation
  • Regatta entry fees
  • Morning snack after practice
  • Snacks and beverages on the course (Summer National regatta)


  • Airfare/tickets
  • Meals
  • Hotel accommodations


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • U23 – athletes born in 1999-2002 – we know there are so few opportunities for these athletes and this camp will help to fill the void. Perfect for someone looking to get ready for college rowing or someone who has had several years of college rowing taken away from them so far.
  • U19 – athletes born in 2003-2004 
  • U17 – athletes born in 2005-2007 
  • More info, please go to our website:

Rowers will have practice on 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

3:00 to 6:00 pm.
Athletes will participate in water practices, land training, erg.

1. Participated as Novice or Varsity group in the current season. Rowers who does not have the experience or who has not competed in any event during the season will be not accepted at this camp, a minimum experience of one year at a competitive level.
2. Third, Four and Fifth, session for the Regular Summer Camp, still Open. Regular Summer Camp are open for all kids with experience or not.
3. Varsity Camp is available to train, three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
4. Parents must sign the waiver sent via email to be accepted. No rower will be accepted the first day unless the waiver has not been fully completed and signed by parent.
5. Once the Camp has started, there will be no refunds. Exceptions may be granted for a major cause such as illness or injury that prevents you from continuing. This is will be evaluated and refund will be issued based on days of training attended and subject to an admin/registration fee of $25.00
6. This intensive camp is available on a first come bases according to registrations in Team Unify with possible limit entries.
7. One of the main objective of the program was in consideration since of all the regattas of the summer were suspended, was to maintain the physical condition of our rowers with a view to the next season 2020-2021.
8. Training sessions include water and land training.

If you have any questions, please contact to:

Cesar Herrera, Head Coach
$600.00 non-refundable after 1st day of class

Office Hours:
8:00 am to 12:00
Monday to Friday
phone 305-361-3225

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