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Miami Rowing & Watersport Center is a Not for Profit 501(C) 3 Organization dedicated sponsorships and donations to MRC are tax deductible per IRS regulations. If you have any questions regarding your online payment please read important information on the bottom of this page.

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Note: If not shown, prices and dates for current camps to be announced.  Summer and Sculling Camp payments may be accessed by a direct link found on those pages.


Elite Racing Summer Camp

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MRC-Restricted Tax Deductible YP Equipment Fund

MRC GENERAL FUND DONATION Reference: Non-restricted, non-tax deductible

IMPORTANT: Online Payment Information
Payments must be for the category and amount shown. If you do not see the category and /or amount that you want to pay, you cannot pay online. Please do one of the following:Send a check, indicating what and for whom the payment is being made to: Miami Rowing Club 3109 Grand Avenue Suite 332 Miami, FL 33133Telephone or email the MRC office for current office hours and make an appointment to deliver a check or pay by credit card in person: 305-361-3225 305-361-3225 FREE or
Old grandfathered-in membership categories: If you do not see your old category (no longer available) listed, but see the right amount under camps, you may not pay under that category. Doing so will credit a camp account and your membership will show in arrears.
Membership Group Coaching>MRC Members If a new group has been formed that is not listed yet, you may not pay online. Using any the groups shown, even if the coaching amount is the same, will cause the wrong account to be credited and your name will not appear on the paid list.
Automatic billing is the easiest way to pay for your recurring dues and fees. Your account will be billed monthly, bi-annually, quarterly or annually as you prefer. An email is sent when a payment is made against your account. SET UP AUTOMATIC BILLING:Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form below and email to or mail to: Miami Rowing Club att: Treasurer 3109 Grand Avenue Suite 332 Miami, FL 33133 MRC Credit Card Authorization Form