The “Learn to Row” program is designed for adults wishing to learn the fundamentals of the sport. The course is a three-week, 21 hours program.

"Learn to Row" is the perfect starting point for adults who have never rowed before, or a refresher for rowers who have recently taken up the sport or have very little experience on the water.

Sessions are run almost throughout the year. Choose one that fits your schedule!

Spring Season
Session 1 |( Sa10,T13,Th15, Sa17,T 20, Th22, Sa24, T27, Th29).
Session 2 |( F.T10, Th12,T17, Th19, T24, Th26, Ma- T3, Th5, Sa7).
Session 3 |(T17, Th19, Sa21, T24, Th26, Sa28, T31,Apr- Th2, T7).
Session 4 |(Sa18, T21, Th23, T28, Th30, May- Sa2, T5, Th7, T12)
(Jan- 10, 17, 24, 31, March-7,21,28).

Summer Season
Session 1 |(May- Sa23, T26, Th28, Sa30, Jun- T2, Th4, Sa6, T9,Th11)
Session 2 | (June - T23, Th25, Sa27, T30, Jul- Th2,T7, Th9, Sa11, T14)
Session 3 | (July- T23, Th25, Sa28, Th30, Aug- Sa1, T4, Th6, Sa8 T11).
(May-23, 30, Jun-6, 20, 27, Jul-11, 25, Aug-1).

Fall Season
Session 1 | (Aug- Th20, Sa22, T25, Th27, Sa29, Sept- T1, Th3, Sa5, T8)
Session 2 | (Sept- Th17, Sa19, T22, Th24, T29, Oct- Th1, Sa3, T6, Th8)
Session 3 | ( - Sa17, T20, Th22, Sa24, T27, Th29, Nov- T3, Th5, Sa7)
(Aug-15, 22, 29, Sept- 5, 19, 26, Oct-3).

Dates subject to change.

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